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Our Services

Leadership development 

Leadership coaching 

  • Process leaders for teams

  • Support and coach managers in their leadership skills

  • Develop leadership at all levels

  • Manage conflicts and team development 

  • 360° leadership assessments with benchmark

  • Due diligence on your organizations leadership
    and more.. 

Excellent leaders knows themselves, are good at self leadership and are genuinely interested in helping others 

Developing company culture

"Culture always fights strategy"

Did you know that approximately 80% of all acquisitions & mergers fail to achieve the goals that was planned due to the difficulty of integrating cultures?

* Map, analyse and development of company culture and values

* Support in goal formulations and implementation

* Identify and analyse operational processes

* Culture and leadership due diligence 

and more..

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Team development 

"Did you know that only 30 % of work - and project teams reaches their goals?" 

We offer opportunities and working paths to improve innovation and effectivity, mostly through one of our tools: DISC-analysis which is one of the worlds most used tool that explains different types of behaviours.

Do you want to know more about;

* Yourself and how other people may perceive you?

* How you can increase your success communicating with others?

* How to read other communication styles? 

* How to more clearly communicate and handle discussions and conflicts?

Group of Asian waiting for an interview

Recruitment support

How do you fit the right person for the right job? 

* Assessments, personality tests, matching and second opinion

* Customized performance models 

* Managerial fit, matching of individuals and managers

* Development of requirement profiles, performance models and top performer analyses.

* Defining recruitment processes and recruitment support

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Scale up 

We deliver services and leadership coaching for Stockholm Scale up program for underrepresented entrepreneurs.


2021 the program was for foreign-born female entrepreneurs, during 2022 the program is for all underrepresented entrepreneurs; all female, foreign born male, disabled etc.

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Coaching offer

Everyone needs a coach! 

Book a coach for personal development, for you or your coworkers.

Our coaches develops and support you within ares such as handling conflicts, communication and cooperation and more.. 

We now offer three coaching sessions including a DISC-analysis for only

7000 SEK ex VAT (full price 9500 SEK)

Contact us to book your offer;

Mona Berggren +46 70 646 56 20

Peter Moberg +46 73 091 33 00


Take your step in self leadership together with us! 

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